About us

American Lutheran Church is a living organism that has grown in a place -- in Beadle County, in the town of Huron, on the corner of Fourth and Iowa. The church of Jesus Christ is always a living fellowship -- people who believe in Him and who work together to make possible an orderly ministry of word and sacrament in their midst. That is what the people of the American Lutheran have been doing. And those people have been among the people of Huron from the very start.

Who we are

A few important dates

1881 - Services in Homes

1926 - Present Church Built

1936 - 1st Radio Broadcasts

1944 - 5-rank Bennet pipe organ

1955 - Education Building Dedicated

1959 - Stained Glass installed

1967 - 32-rank Schantz Pipe Organ

1977 - Peal of Tower Bells, handbells